Top Healthcare Organizations Recommend This For Low Back Pain…

Bottom Line: According to The Lancet, low back pain is the number one source of disability globally. And, if you’ve dealt with low back pain in the past, you understand just how much it can alter your daily life. Even simply standing up straight can feel like an incredibly impossible task. Because of how debilitating it can be, many top healthcare organizations have begun to publish recommendations for the best ways to manage low back pain. Their suggestions may surprise you.

Why it Matters: The care provided by chiropractors ranks at the top of many leading healthcare recommendations to relieve low back pain. Movement-based strategies such as spinal adjustments, controlled exercise, and dynamic stretching are some of the most effective ways to reduce low back issues. Not only are movement-based strategies good at providing fast r elief, but emerging research shows that they may be able to offer a preventative effect when continued over time. The days of taking drugs and medications for back pain are over. Prescriptions are now rarely recommended as a first option due to their dangerous side effects and lack of results.

  • The American College of Physicians supports conservative care for the treatment of back pain.
  • Harvard Health and the Mayo Clinic have published numerous articles highlighting spinal decompression therapy and other movement-based treatment options.
  • Clinical care guidelines discourage the use of medication for back pain due to the risks, dangers, and lack of results.

Next Steps: We’re happy that major, trusted healthcare organizations have evolved to support natural ways to find relief from low back pain. If you or someone you know is struggling with back pain, reach out to us today. Our practice can provide you with a thorough evaluation to determine the source of your problem and the treatment needed to help you find relief.

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