Don't Fall !

Falls particularly among the elderly can be life changing, they can even lead to disability and a loss of independence. If elderly, and your bones are fragile from osteoporosis you could fracture a bone, most often a wrist or hip . However, aging alone doesn't make people fall. Many disease processes such as diabetes and heart disease can affect balance. Circulatory problems, thyroid conditions and certain nervous system disorders can also affect balance. It is often overlooked that some medications can cause dizziness and result in falls. It may seem obvious that vision difficulties could result in a serious injury yet this eventuality is often overlooked. Of course alcohol abuse can be a serious factors and is often a difficult subject to broach especially with elderly parents. Any of these can make a fall more likely.

Although accidents certainly do happen and can potentially happen to anyone of any age, when it comes to the elderly they can be predicted and often prevented if you know what to look for. Take care of yourself by exercising. You may not need or want to be in the kind of shape it takes to climb a mountain but wouldn't it be nice to take the danger out of climbing a flight of stairs?  Regular eye exams and physicals may also very well help reduce your chances of falling.